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The Sunday Session:

'A one minute read to set you up for the week ahead'

You do not need more information:

You need more Action!


Read Time : 1 minute


For most of us, the information that we need to begin improving our lives, by however we define that, is common knowledge.


- To be happier, we know we should schedule time with family and friends and make time for our hobbies.


- To be healthier, we know we should plan meals and begin moving more within our current fitness capability.


- To live a more purposeful life, we know we should partake in events which align with our personal vision and make decisions that bring us closer to our dream life.


With this in mind I am spending my Sunday night:


Priority-Based Scheduling


Our schedule has one function; to act as a time budget to help us decide how our hours should be used given the priorities we have identified.


I plan to fill mine with activities that align closely with the person I want to become and the things I want to get better at. I hope yours do too.


Question I am reflecting on:


Are any of the planned activities no longer serving me?


Have a great week!

David O’Hanlon

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